Who We Are

Skyline Records is an independent music label based out Nashville, Tennessee, and primarily focuses on Bluegrass music, with alternative focuses on Country, Folk, and Americana music. Skyline is backed and managed by attorneys, songwriters, artist managers, tour managers, and musicians who have an understanding of the bluegrass and country music industry, and desire to set a higher bar for such high-quality music. 

The label is unique in its approach as it encourages its artists to break out of the occasional unvaried trends within bluegrass and country music, and inspires its artists to be unique, creative, and fearless. Further, as Skyline is a small, intimate label, it has the ability to provide each of its artists the time and attention needed to create and market its artists.

Forward Thinking: We believe in the power of education. Skyline also invests its time and resources to educate our artists on the importance of treating their career as a business, protecting their legal rights and ownership of their music, and maximizing their income from their unique craft.  Further, we are investing in and using the next generation of internet to produce additional and alternative revenue streams for our musicians. 

If you would like to pursue a working relationship with Skyline as an artist, we greatly encourage you to submit your music through our demo/artist submission page. We are actively looking for unique artists to grow our talented roster.