Caroline Owens Signs With Skyline Records

There are a lot of great vocalists in this world. However, there are few that can sing with such control and passion where they can command a room with both their voice and presence. Caroline Owens is one of those compelling vocalists who can impact the audience's emotions with her vocal ability, and deliver an endearing and engaging show. Skyline Records is excited to announce that Caroline Owens has signed an exclusive recording deal with the label.

Caroline is from Denton, NC and started singing in church at the early age of 2 years old. Around the age of 13, she discovered and shifted over to singing bluegrass music. Shortly after picking up the "bluegrass bug”, Caroline began entering local fiddlers conventions, and took home numerous 1st place vocal prizes. Caroline was deemed the Vocal Champion at Granite Quarry Fiddler’s Convention for two consecutive 1st place wins. In addition to fiddlers convention wins, Caroline was the 2018 Musication Nation Winner (with an eight judge panel consisting of the Isaac’s and The Gatlin Brother’s). In 2019, Caroline was named the IPHC “Vocal Instrumentalist of the Year”, and “Songwriter of the Year.” Caroline's combination of vocal talent and work ethic have resulted in numerous awards. It is safe to say there will be more awards in her future.

Caroline Owens is also 2X IBMA nominated Bluegrass Vocalist. She has performed alongside many of the music industry's most accomplished artists such as: Alison Krauss, Suzanne Cox, The Isaacs, Larry Gatlin, Larry Cordle, Carl Jackson, The Malpass Brothers, Darin & Brooke Aldridge and many others.

According to Will McSeveney, president of Skyline, "Around the time we started Skyline, I came across a live stream of Caroline's show. I was not aware of her at the time, so decided to watch the show. As soon as she started singing, I was blown away. It was so engaging and she had the vocal ability of an old soul. Once I met her, I found out that she is an incredibly well rounded person, has a great vision for her career, is eager to learn, and has untapped potential. It has always been an aspiration to work with Caroline. Honestly, I can't believe it came to fruition. I am excited for this label partnership. I am confident that with her talent and passion for the music, combined with Skyline's philosophy and vision, we will put out some exeptional music."

Caroline's first single will be released in January, and the solo project will be released sometime in 202. Her first album is produced by Darin Aldridge. The album will highlight Caroline's vocal artistry and songwriting ability. Skyline expects 2023 will be a year where Caroline really takes of, and the future is bright for this rising young star.

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